Improve Problem Solving Skills & Overcome Fear of Mathematics

These scores just in, February 2017:

EB, San Marin HS student athlete, Class 2017         

ACT Composite 36 – 99.892 percentile

 SS, Marin Catholic HS student athlete, Class of 2018

                                                ACT Composite 34 – 99.103 percentile


“I have a passion for helping students overcome the fear of all forms of mathematics so they can gain a better understanding of how the world works through numbers, and really improve problem solving skills,.”


Improve Your SAT & ACT Test Scores!

Improving SAT or ACT test scores ten percentile points will change a student’s future.

Merit-based financial aid (grants and other free money) is almost entirely based on a student’s test scores.  Merit-based aid has helped many students attend a private university, living in a residence hall, for the same out-of-pocket expense as living at home and attending community college. 

Spring 2018 ACT & SAT MATH 



 Tues 1/23, 7-8 ACT v SAT  Fairfax

Thurs 1/25, 7-8 ACT v SAT  Novato

Sun 2/4, 1230 SAT Prep  Corte Madera

Sat 2/10, 1-2  ACT Prep  Civic Ctr

Tue 2/13, 4-5  SAT Prep  Novato

Sat 03/24, 2-3pm. SAT Prep   Fairfax

Tue 3/27, 4-5  ACT Prep  Novato

Stay-tuned for more ACT & SAT Workshops Fall 2018


Dale Steinmann, Marin's Math Mentor

Phone: 415-377-1541



Remediation + Homework Assistance     

Grade 5 thru community college

Arithmetic / Algebra / Geometry / Trigonometry / Pre-calculus / Statistics

Preparation for SAT / ACT

                        SSAT / HSPT

You may know a teen, a pre-teen or even an adult returning to school who, with the right support, can improve their problem solving skills, gain a better understanding of how the world works thru mathematics, and become more adept at negotiating life’s issues.


Dale Steinmann, Marin's Math Mentor can provide that support!

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