Hi Dale-

Wanted to let you know E.  got a perfect score on her last ACT!  Yes- she got a 36… 99.892%.  Because of this score she was nominated for the Presidential Scholars Program.

She was thrilled!  Thanks for all of your guidance, this opened up a lot of doors for her.

Mom of EB, San Marin HS student athlete, Class 2017         

ACT Composite 36 – 99.892 percentile

Dale, I just received these scores today and I'm still in shock. Thank you so much for everything- all your help and guidance. This would not have been possible without you- remarkable how much you helped me.

SS, Marin Catholic HS student athlete, Class of 2018

ACT Composite 34 – 99.103 percentile

Dale, I am so excited, just got my most recent SAT scores...improved from 1210 to 1460…math from 560 to 730.  (95%).  Happy to recommend you anytime! :)

CJ, Drake HS, class 2017

Hi Dale, 

I just received our scores from the March SAT. I got a 2060 (730 in Critical Reading, 690 in Math and 640 in Writing Skills). Thank you!!!! I don't think I would have been able to get those scores without your help!

PT, Drake/ Tamiscal HS    Class 2015


Hi Dale,

S. applied early decision to Harvey Mudd College and was admitted. She is very excited to be going there. Her SAT scores were CR 730, M 710, W 770.

SAT subject tests were U.S. History 720, Bio 790, Math 760.

No question the prep work and coaching from you and Maggy helped S. get in the mental zone for taking all these tests.

NHS Marin School of the Arts Mom, Class 2014


I thought that you may like to know J's SAT scores:

Math - 700   Writing - 700  Critical Reading - 690

J continually improved his scores with each test he took.

You are an amazing tutor and he is off to U. Michigan!  

Redwood High School Mom, Class 2014 


“My 11th grade varsity wrestler was failing pre-calculus.  Dale quickly got him back on track, coaching him on math, study skills and  motivation.  In short order my son requested that Dale help him with his other classes! 

I so appreciate Dale’s forthright attitude and his encouraging style. My son is so fortunate to have someone like Dale in his corner.

We all are. Thanks for all of your continued help!!!”

Drake High School Mom

“My 7th grade daughter’s math class was blowing up and she was feeling lost. I mused that maybe we could bring in Dale for some extra tutoring, and her eyes lit up! She had a really good experience when working with Dale during a summer workshop.  

The same week Dale received a call from another 7th grade Mom…. that came from my daughter’s “rave” about the Math Mentor to a classmate.  Can’t get better advertising than that!”

White Hill Middle School Mom

"After 5 meetings with Dale my SAT math scores increased from 650 to 730!  My Superscore increased from 2070 to 2160.  Georgetown here I come!"

Terra Linda High School Senior


"I’ve known Dale Steinmann for over a decade and I can tell you that, based on his interactions with my two sons, you will receive not only excellent tutoring, but a true mentor who will model integrity and good character for your kids.”

Louise Berlin, Boise, Idaho


"I witnessed Dale working with my 13 year old grandson on Algebra 1.  I was struck by how supportive, kind and knowledgeable he is working with young boys.  He focuses on foundation and basics so the student truly learns to fish."

Professor of Anthropology, California Junior College

"Thanks for bringing your SAT workshop to the Civic Center Library.  I thought you guys were great…  I wish I'd known about you when my son was in high school!" 

Martha Kassin, Teen & Adult Services Librarian

Civic Center Library - Marin County Free Library


"Dale emphasizes the development of methodical work habits including organization and neatness in order to promote clear, logical thinking.  He has a special rapport with boys who lack confidence and/or organizational skills. Students really enjoy Dale’s supportive yet honest style, which is captured by his title: “Math Mentor.”

Maggy Hughes

Maggy Hughes Tutoring, San Rafael, California









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